Tableau Case Study

Business Challenges

  • Connectingreal-time data to Tableau is imperative due to the external Immuta system,which manages row-level security
  • Tableau’sperformance issues with live connections, are largely attributable to thesubstantial volume of data we manage.
  • Multipledashboard migrations have been necessitated by frequent system changes stemmingfrom security breaches and performance issues in our legacy systems.
  • Ensuringongoing data governance and compliance has proven to be a persistent challenge,requiring a delicate balance between security, accessibility, and performanceconsiderations

Key Solutions

  • QueryOptimization: Enhanced query performance by adjusting data granularity andsegregating executive and detailed views using separate data sources.
  • PerformanceImprovement: Implemented backend logic migration, query result transformationinto physical tables, and incremental refresh, resulting in an impressive 86%runtime reduction.
  • DashboardStandardization: Introduced standardized templates for consistent appearanceand user experience across all analytics assets which helped development timedrastically

Business Benefits

  • EnhancedData Security: Maintaining a live Immuta connection ensures top-tier datasecurity.
  • ImprovedPerformance: Our optimizations led to an 86% runtime reduction for fasteranalytics.
  • EfficientMigrations: Standardized dashboards cut migration time and resource costs.
  • SmartData Governance: Balancing governance, compliance, and performance meetsregulations while optimizing access and speed.






Snowflake is a Single place for data. The project is to maintaining or creating the Snowflake accounts, creating the objects, Data migration, creating Snowflake service accounts and the organization uses tools like AWS, Boomi, Tableau, Talend etc. for Snowflake integration