Where teamwork
and technology flourish

Sigmasoft is a global leader on
inclusivity and diversity.

As a  minority-owned company, our team has decades of experience —drawing from  varied perspectives and backgrounds, including Manufacturing, Banking and Financial Services,  High-tech, FinTech, and Healthcare. Our team has built successful startups  from the ground and tenured global fortune 1000 companies.


Emphasize how customers can drive business advancement and enhance operational efficiency by leveraging innovative IT solutions. Position yourself as a reliable advisor, dedicated to guiding customers through the implementation of novel ideas for IT-driven progress and streamlined operations.

Flawless execution

Delivering the utmost quality of services to clients, consistently meeting and elevating performance standards, and prioritizing a commitment to continuous process excellence.


Striving for high performance, quality, and continuous improvement in all aspects of the business.

Customer focus

Devote ourselves to the triumph of our clients, nurturing enduring connections by consistently exceeding their expectations and remaining responsive. Always bear in mind that our mission is centered on facilitating the transformation of our clients' businesses through innovative IT solutions.


Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical behaviour in all business dealings.


Exhibits fairness, integrity, and directness, while cultivating personal strength of character through authenticity.

Our Strength

Our team holds robust capabilities in Project and Change Management, coupled with extensive domain expertise in specific industries. We boast technically proficient experts, committed and focused project teams, and a mature delivery model. As a seamlessly integrated global organization, we offer experienced client service capabilities.

Openness & Transparency

Expressing issues with clarity in a straightforward and transparent manner. Engaging in open discussions, voicing concerns, and acknowledging others' opinions. These practices contribute significantly to building personal credibility as well.

Meet Our Leadership

Prasad Vaddadi


Sri Vaddadi

Managing Director
Sigmasoft  is a digital- first company  that was incorporated in 2014 and reorganized in 2020 with new management.
We are headquartered in Silicon Valley  and having offices in  India, Canada,  and Mexico. Sigmasoft currently boasts 250+ employees and is expanding  rapidly to be an Inc 5000 Company by 2023. Our client base has doubled yearly  since we have reshaped our business model to be challenger to the  traditional Systems Integrators with our unique differentiators and value  mechanism. We plan to reach 1000+ employees and  expand to the continents of Australia and Europe by 2024.
Santa Clara

We’re Hiring!

Here at Sigmasoft we are interested in discovering and fostering talent.  Our company culture of stability fosters an environment for true growth. We  put our employees in working relationships with some of the best partnered  and client companies in the world. We satisfy the hunger that career driven  individuals undoubtedly have. And we allow our employees to exercise autonomy  of spirit toward their personal dreams and goals.


Future  valuations of companies will depend heavily on how well they can adapt to  these green initiatives. As a forward-thinking company, Sigmasoft has a  progressive global mindset. In addition to digital transformation, we bring  our clients up to the current climate and carbon standards. Ethical supply  chain monitoring, net zero initiatives, and global accord compliance are all  aspects that are essential to companies looking to continue to operate at  high levels in the future.


Prasad  was born and raised in India and moved to Silicon Valley in 2008. His storied  career has positioned him as a Forbes Tech Council Member, Investor, Author,  Keynote Speaker, and Non-Profit Founder. His company is entirely  bootstrapped, and the team he has built is composed of industry thought  leaders and CXOs of a diverse array of Fortune 1000 companies. He has spent  the last 20 years adopting and learning about the digital life cycles of  global business. In familiarizing themselves with customer pain points, he is  well suited to address the digital transformation goals of the companies that  hire them and challenge the status quo of traditional systems integrators.


Managing Director
Sri  has worked in global consulting and technology system integrators for over  two decades. He has double master’s degree, received his MBA from the Cox School of  Business and is a CA/ CPA, alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management -  Bangalore. With his array of certifications and depth of expertise, Sri is  well-suited to lead this enterprising company into the future. He has a  handle on everything from data analytics, to cloud management, to resource  planning. Sri is responsible for long-term health and strategic directions,  technology alliances, delivery, stakeholders delight, and day-to-day  operations of the firm; Sri likes to spend his free time with his wife and  son. They enjoy travel, adventure, and reading good books.