NetApp Case Study


NetApp is a leading global cloud services and data management company that needed our help improving their executive dashboards' performance and loading time. 

Sigmasoft has engaged its relationships with partners Tableau and Snowflake to achieve these ends. Tableau is an interactive data visualization company focused on business intelligence, including relational databases, online analytical processing cubes, cloud databases, and spreadsheets Snowflake is a data storage company that has expanded the capabilities and storage of the greater data lake in the modern data stack.

Sigmasoft has been providing developer services and operational technology services to NetApp. Our knowledge of their business processes, IT landscape, and technology services, paired with our technical expertise, made us the preferred partner for implementing Tableau and Snowflake technologies in collaboration with NetApp

Digital Transformation

Utilizing Tableau's technologies,we could extract data from its source to convert and publish it. We enableduser and data filters and permissions to comply with the security policy. Sigmasoft then usedcalculated fields to achieve compliant Federal Masking. We could use a singleextract published data source for all dashboards. There was significantperformance improvement on Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and GeneralServices Administration (GSA) dashboards. 

In doing this, we were able to optimize calculations at the sheet level and minimize the marks in the views used in each dashboard. The reload time for these real-time analytics was reduced from 90 to 30 seconds. And refreshes were kept smooth and seamless when new filters were added. Delays across the board were mitigated ,and upgrades were implemented as the technology continues to improve.  

We alsoused Snowflake tocreate queries for data and security that translate seamlessly into the Tableau application.We also removed dependency on Immuta (anotherdata access platform) by implementing enhanced security programming usingStructured Query Language (SQL). We then simplified the Security SQL to reducethe number of records and provide a bigger warehouse for data to reduce latencyto refresh time. 

We selected specific dashboard modules that would best suit the business needs of NetApp. These dashboards range from Customer Intelligence, encompassing Freshness, Completeness, and Landscape. We also included Deal Registration Statistics and Metrics, Sales Bookings: Bookings Overview, Bookings and Discount, Territory Overview, and Top N Metrics. The varieties of dashboards offer versatility for different departments to achieve optimization in understanding their data

Business Impact

The Business Impact enabled executives to extract and view data under varied conditional perimeters. Sigmasoft also improved extraction time, compliance, and storage: moving average load times from 90 to 30 seconds. This helps put "oil in the machine"; it keeps the back end working smoothly so CXOs can make real-time decisions without the headache of inefficient information retrieval.  




Tableau, Snowflake


 When a dashboard is slow to load, and difficult to read, CXO decision-making becomes more difficult and time consuming than it needs to be.