Cetera Case Study

Business Challenges

Enhanced outcomes for recruiting, same store sales, net new advisory assets and other growth metrics.
Lack of Collaboration among different Business Units.
No Single Source of Truth

Key Solutions

Enable Discovery Data integration to maintain lead database in Salesforce.
Enable Phone Burner integration to Salesforce with phone-pops, activity logging and automated actions for follow up emails.
Leverage Salesforce Reports and list views to create call lists within Salesforce.
Create Email templates to automate entry to Salesforce data into email body. Explore Outlook integration to sync calendar events and tasks.
Leverage Marketo integration to provide view into Marketing activities, engagement and help team to prioritize calling lists.

Business Benefits

Lead Management – Enhance people process and technology on lead generation management and lead qualification.
Lead Conversion & Opportunity Management –Consolidate, streamline and automate lead conversion process and establish workflow for opportunity management.  
Reporting and Dashboard Creation
Advisory Business Consulting Data Structure Improvements – Upgrade existing users to Salesforce Lightning and move them to common profile/role.
Evaluate& Improve Integrations and Associated Workflows – Explore integrations with Salesforce Maps, Marketo, Discovery Data, Phone Burner


Financial Services




Based on Salesforce cutting edge Sales Cloud Technology for an End-to End Financial Services Consulting. Transform Salesforce CRM into an engine of growth for internal sales and growth teams by enhancing its capabilities and standardizing and harmonizing how it’s used across functional groups.