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In the new normal world, enterprises need to adopt new technologies, and innovative business models, to stay competitive. Optimizing operational expenses, modernizing the IT infrastructure and applications is the top priority in the digital transformation journey.


Sigmasoft, with its vast experience, innovative solutions, and cloud-first approach makes it easy for enterprises to transform their enterprise applications to meet the business demands. Be it a  implementation or Developments or managed services.

Sigmasoft offers end-to-end salesforce services.  Sigmasoft’s 6 Lever approach combines cloud and data with AI-driven smart operations and a modernized application landscape that enables digital innovation. It allows our customers to rapidly analyze maintenance costs and optimize the processes to realize at least 30%-40% saving in TCO annually.

Businesses will benefit the most by adopting a digital transformation strategy by following a Sigmasoft AI framework (S.A.I.D). This approach will drive customers’ IT applications and operations towards enabling a self-funded digital transformation.

Our innovative engagement models like Domain Business Transformation Consulting, Try-n-Buy, Talent on Demand and outcome-based business process automation solutions enable CIOs to realize multi-year TCO benefits.  

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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications: As a global ERP integrator, Sigmasoft is committed to continued customer delight by offering its business greater value and a competitive advantage. Through our enterprise modernization strategy, we aim to provide maximum return on our customers' investments in Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite, and PeopleSoft application modernization. The strategy significantly focuses on cloud transformations, business functionality expansions, optimizations during M&A consolidations, and custom developments to fill COT product gaps. This will enable scalability to ease future migrations, application usability for global coverage, and TCO (total cost of ownership) savings.

Sigmasoft is heavily investing in consulting services to help our customers with their existing ERP application assessments and health checks, cloud readiness and roadmap, business process re-engineering for standardization, data monetization, and modernization for self-service reporting. The objective of consulting services is to focus on strategic business improvement through application modernization to enable new and optimized business processes by implementing new digital technology tools and AI-based hyper automation to allow business users to adopt application release functionality features.

Enterprise Integration

The global system integration market is segmented based on infrastructure integration services into building management systems, cloud integration, integrated communication, data centre infrastructure management, and network integration. Organizations have a low-risk, cost-effective means of incrementally connecting on-premises systems to new cloud, mobile, and other modern applications, preserving IT investments and ensuring business continuity. With prebuilt connectors to leading cloud applications, a fast, repeatable framework to integrate software as a service (SaaS) CRM, financial, human resources, marketing, and other systems, And through iPaaS, IT can far more efficiently manage the governance and security of cloud-based applications to avoid the development of shadow IT. API capabilities in leading iPaaS systems make API development and management faster, simpler, and more scalable by bringing all integrations and their applications together in one common, drag-and-drop development environment with a centralized "single pane of glass" view of all API connections. PaaS-based systems provide the development speed and flexibility IT teams need to navigate the wide range of integration scenarios required to unify two previously independent businesses

Enterprise application integration is an integration framework composed of a collection of technologies and services that form a middleware or "Platform as aService" to enable the integration of systems and applications integrated with any of the customer enterprise applications. The end-point integrations will enable real-time complex integrations to provide the correct data source, eliminate manual errors, and help enable accurate data for reporting tools. The microservice architecture enables the continuous delivery/deployment of large, complex applications. It also enables an organization to evolve its technology stack. Sigmasoft is strong in providing integration solutions for customers: Process Integrations, Data Integrations, Cloud Integrations, API Integrations, Micro Services, serverless data transformation, B2B, and EDI, covering all technology stacks of integration tools. Sigmasoft also has expertise in PaaS for SaaS data transformation solutions..

Data & Analytics

Data analytics plays a vital role in enterprise digital transformation. The digital transformation customers plan to adopt has critical implications for the existing business model of IT services. Understanding where the impacts lie and how to leverage or mitigate them is essential. The use of AI and advanced analytics has the potential to transform all industries. In a post-COVID-19 era of unprecedented change, AI and data sciences-powered AI can be leveraged to drive operating margin, revenue growth, and asset efficiency and enable customers to remain competitive.

The latest autonomous data warehouse features are helping customers modernize their existing enterprise data warehouses with new digital cloud-based data lake solutions like Snowflake, Azure, Oracle, and SAP to define a complete data strategy. Data transformation's success depends on understanding data elements' coverage at the data strategy level, starting from infrastructure, databases, applications, data warehouses, and customer experience tools. Security is a critical aspect of cloud data transformation and modernization. In today's world, large organizations still maintain heterogeneous systems and need help getting the correct data for reporting. Today, businesses are expecting a lot of self-service and KPI-driven reporting, which is possible only with the combination of a techno-functional skill set to make DataMart's and KPI-driven self-service reporting successful. Sigmasoft is helping customers find the right combination of talent across products and domains. Sigmasoft also has Chat GPT expertise, where we assist global customers in defining their Chat GPT platform development.

Digital Transformation

 To ensure continuous improvement in service provision, monitoring both implicit and explicit customer satisfaction indicators is imperative. Implicit indicators refer to observed behaviors, while explicit ones pertain to stated sentiment. By gathering and analyzing this information, businesses can gain valuable insights that inform effective decision-making. And so goes a virtuous circle of growth and improvement. With the inherent advantages of digital technologies: scale, speed, accuracy, automation, and reach, organizations that apply digital strategies will accelerate growth and increase resilience. Sigmasoft is bringing the right advisors and expertise to transform customer enterprise IT landscapes into the new era of the digital world to help customers grow their businesses.   

The three key success drivers in digital transformation are to have .
1.The right strategy and plan.
2.The right technology stack for hardware and software. 
3.The right combination of skill sets will enable businesses to grow 10x without disruption.   

The Five key focus areas worth considering are    

1. Cloud transformation to optimize the hardware cost by 40%. 
2. Data transformation and monetization to enable KPI-based self-service reporting for businesses to reduce their dependency on IT.
3. Platform-based integration solutions to manage the future scalability of changes with CI/CD models. 
4. Today, AI plays a vital role in digital transformation by automating business processes, ITSM processes, predictive analytics, and predefined algorithms that help business planning and forecasting.
5. AI is also helping to automate technical solutions like code merging and security vulnerability validations. Sigmasoft's AI-based digital framework, "S.A.I.D.," is helping customers reduce their TCO by utilizing the new initiative cost within their annual OPEX budgets. 

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